Peanut 1.70 APK

Peanut 1.70 APK

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App Info

  • 앱 이름Peanut
  • 종류 커뮤니케이션
  • 버전1.70
  • 요구 사항 4.0 이상
  • File Size3.63 MB
  • Updated
  • 앱코드peanut.peanut


This app is for HAM amateurs only! With this client you can connect to the Peanut Server. The Peanut server is a reflector where you can meet people. Some rooms are connected to DSTAR/Fusion and DMR reflectors.For this App you need a code. You can find more information here :

Access network state Allows to access information about networks.
Internet Allows to access internet network.
Modify audio settings Allows to modify global audio settings.
Record audio Allows to record audio.
Bluetooth Allows to to connect to paired bluetooth devices.
Bluetooth admin Allows to discover and pair bluetooth devices.
Broadcast sticky Allows to broadcast sticky intents.
Access coarse location Allows to access approximate location derived from network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi.

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